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B_AVANT is the software for the integrated and efficient management of all production flows, in line with machining requirements. Each panel/ batch is tracked, and can be easily traced at any time.


Full integration with the management system.

B_AVANT integrates perfectly with pre-existing design management systems and software, establishing a two-way data flow: from management/ cad-cam processes to production, from production back to the management system.

In the pre-production phase, the supervisor imports the production data from the management system or design software to create the production cycle. In the post-production phase, the supervisor then enters statistics regarding production performance into the management system, specifying what exactlyhas been produced, and the time taken in order to achieve this.


Functional completeness

B_AVANT is equipped with a range of features that allow for improvements in current production performance, enabling manufacturers to achieve new goals for the future.

Synoptic view
Overview of production as a whole.

Management of production cycles
Import, adjustment and implementation of the machining operation program.


Control over the production process

The production program changes in accordance with the characteristics of the piece to be machined.

  • Optimized set-up of stock flows.
  • Cascading program synchronization in accordance with the work piece to be machined, preventing empty lines.
  • Checks carried out on the quality and management of the information received in order to optimize programming and minimize waste.
  • Work pieces are tracked and recognized via labels and bar codes.